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Surfin’ in Darwin

    A lot of people think the beaches in Darwin are a bit of a dick tease. It’s beach weather all year round, the beaches are beautiful but people think you can’t go swimming in the beach because of “all the crocodiles, box jellyfish and e-coli”.

Well sure, there are crocodiles but they generally hang out in the brackish waters and avoid human activities. The e-coli was mysteriously only present for a few month but is now long gone. And the deadly box jellyfish are only there from October-May, leaving 4 months of the dry season to live it up and go swimming in the beautiful calm sea.

There is however one other small window where you can utilize the beach in Darwin – the cyclone season. The strong winds create big (for Darwin) waves which crash on the jellyfish forcing the to swim out further to sea or be killed. After a couple of days of this weather it is usually safe to go “carve up some rad” on the “waves” because all the jellyfish have left.

This is what I did today. Except on my way paddling out on the board my hand felt something much like soft human flesh just under the surface. Not knowing what is was, I freaked out and tried to paddle away quickly. But I was too late and the tentacles of the jell fish had stung my foot.

I got out of the water quickly and found vinegar to pour on my foot. The pain was like a thousand bull ants feasting on my ankle. It wasn’t anything compare to being slashed by a stingray but still enough to question the stupidity of cyclone season surfing.

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This was easily the best song of 2010.

CFCF - It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (Games Remix)  (click on arrow to download)

Vagina Music

I’m a firm believer that females singers should stick to pop music (and auto-tune their voices) but lately there has been a fair bit of good vagina music. Maybe I have my period.

mp3: jj - Let Them

mp3: Kid Sister - Kiss Kiss Kiss

mp3: Coma Foxes - School Night

mp3: Labyrinth Ear - Lithum

mp3: Wye Oak - Civilian

mp3: Tyskerhar - Oh

mp3: Keep Shelly Out Of Athens - Running Out Of You